OrchardHouse Book

Structurally it was actually an ordinary excavator. Just wearing a huge number of sensors and logic circuits, which makes it considerably more onerous and more expensive. Department of Economic Space Agency’s quietly tolerated, they knew that initially sebedražší technology is ultimately cheaper than employees with their whims, benefits and possibilities of collective bargaining. All the machines are far attempted. Iron arm slid a spoon into the red Martian soil and began to sniff sensors. On the control screen began listing the thought processes of the machine.

“Why should I actually collect this red clay? For her there is half the planet! “Thought machine. Casually poured clay and continued reasoning: “I’d better go look at the North Pole, just as I have from the studio cares what it’s like.” And let his robotic patient step on several thousand kilometers long journey. There was a crash, the oldest professor dropped a full glass of champagne.

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