OrchardHouse House

Today to me to exchange oxygen added. Not in the woods to do, but it also has one guard at the camp. He muttered something to himself and watched me at every step. “That would not work. Wrong with me. I’ll take you over them mic freaked head off if you do not stop and settle down somewhere with the wind up, “I snapped at him. Seeing him not exactly pretty, perhaps it was me i’m sorry. Lost weight and lost his color, he’s a ghost. He did not settle, but kept a little further.

I did not have time to watch it all the time, while I was stuffing branches into wood chipper. When I took a break, oxygen was gone. Damn the man! Because of him, I again climbed the trees, deeper into the undergrowth, my feet sinking into a slurry. I found him as he stuffs his pocket big black poos, some seeds around. Laughing and crying at the same time. Took him out of the woods and locked in a room. Later I remembered that I had to empty his pockets and shovel crap.

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